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El recolzament individual de persones com tu, ens ajuda a continuar desenvolupant projectes, estudis i investigació, i complir també amb la missió de fer arribar als coneixaments i la tecnologia a persones, col.lectius i països que no el tenen al seu abast.

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PCF members collaborate with 60€ annually to help provide continuity to the Pau Costa Foundation projects. Members can register for free at least two of the Webinars and all Journals Clubs annually organized by the Foundation.

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Donations are to value resource of Many Foundations to Obtain Financial Resources Necessary For The founding objective. With this economic partnership, the executive team of Pau Costa Foundation is Committed to Continue Developing projects, studies, research, and training in the field of forest Dissemination fairs. Donations to Foundations and Other Nonprofit Entities are entitled to the full deductive Amount of income tax to 25% of the Contribution. At the end of the year, a letter will be sent to EACH donor to the address you provided to tax-deductive this Contributions.

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