PCF CLIPS, communication #WildlandFires and their surroundings

In the age of digital communication, we are all immersed in a constant flow of news, images and data that often pass so quickly that a reflection, that is often necessary, is not possible.

In this communication project of the Pau Costa Foundation on Wildland Fires and its surroundings, which we have given the name PCF CLIPS we try to communicate in a friendlier way by a fusion of image + music + text that we hope will reach the receivers in a calmer way that encourages reading and reflection.

The texts are by various authors, people who are recognized for their important contributions to the Forest Fire community and its environment, which through conferences, communications and interviews have made their knowledge available.

The drawings are from the fund, Art & Fire of the Pau Costa Foundation, also of various authors, remarkably Josep Serra Tarragón for his great contribution to the fund.

The music, which is royalty free, has been selected considering the objectives that are intended with this PCF CLIPS communication.

See all #PCF_Clips here:

We hope you enjoy it.

PCF Team