«Gender and Emergencies» new on going project by Pau Costa Foundation

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Pau Costa Foundation promotes a new working group to make visible and provide solutions to gender inequality that is very present in the emergency sector


Whether from our own experience or from the reality we see every day, we are aware that women in the world of emergencies are still very stigmatized. There is an obvious inequality, there is only to see the number of women who perform these jobs versus the number of men. If we go further, women who work in this sector are treated differently just because they are women.

We find that many similarities are shared with other sectors (the glass ceiling, physical and psychological aggression, family conciliation …) or those of the sector, such as motherhood being a limiting factor for the level of physical effort required. However, every inequality we find is accentuated in some cases even more, being a profession «traditionally for men».

Therefore, a series of measures have been developed that aim to give visibility to these challenges, and explore opportunities, in order to give visibility to this reality, promote and achieve equality and diversity within the emergency sector.

1.- We generate campaigns through the media:

  • Visibility and awareness campaign through the Social Networks; Making women visible in this sector
  • Campaign for identification of non-visible discriminatory behavior ; such as”micromachism”(domestic violence), paternalism, etc. 

2.-We organize events, conferences and forums

3.-We open a permanent reference space to talk about emergencies and gender:

  • -We facilitate professional help and emotional support
  • -We invite you to participate actively in the group

4.-We propose actions and develop projects

5.-We develop measures and good practices for organizations and work teams to improve work and personal work-life conciliation, respect and equal opportunities within the emergency sector

  • We promote the review in the access process in the emergency bodies
  • -We adapt an action protocol for the prevention of harassment at work with the objective of preventing situations of sexual and / or psychological harassment.

6.-We educate

Awareness measures to influence education from the school stage. We want to introduce gender equality in the framework of Emergencies within the educational school program.


All these points start from three very defined lines of work:

1.- We make a diagnosis of the current situation

2.- We identify the weaknesses of the systems to face the inclusion of women

3.- We study the lessons learned from other sectors in other parts of the world (eg Australia, Finland …)

These are the lines of action that we will follow to achieve our main objective: To make visible and promote diversity and equality within the emergency sector.

Would you like to be part of this working group? or simply share your story?

Write to us! info@paucostafoundation.org


Autor: Pau Costa Foundation

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