Barcelona: International Workshop #Wildfirescapes- Resilience through landscape architecture-


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The MBLandArch of the UPC of Barcelona organizes an international workshop on Resilient Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. 10 places are offered for ETSAB students enrolled in the Architecture Study Degree (5th year), Architecture Degree, MArq, MBArqu, MBDesign.


Landscape planning in territories vulnerable to forest fires, in order to generate a design response from the landscape architecture that increases the resilience of the landscape. From a multidisciplinary perspective, the workshop counts on the participation of the fire community of Catalonia in part of the theoretical training and field visits.

Dates & Venue

3rd- 8th November 2019 in Barcelona (ETSAB + visit to Corredor-Montnegre)

-Marc Castellnou Strategic Fire Analyst, Area Chief, GRAF, Catalan Fire Service

-Pepa Morán Landscape architect, MBLandArch professor

Addressed to

10 places for ETSAB students enrolled at:

  • Grau en Estudis d’Arquitectura (5th year)
  • Grau en Arquitectura
  • MArq, MBArch, MBDesign 2 ECTS (graus)

Academic Recognition


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  • Subject: «taller WILDFIRESCAPES_name surname with your: name»
  • Writing the following:  ID | email | phone | current studies |
  • Attach: CV and Motivation Letter

Deadline: 21st October 2019 before 09:30

Organized by ETSAB MBLandArch & Colaborators: PCF, Diputació de Barcelona, AFE (Association for Fire Ecology)


More information: Here and Here


Autor: Pau Costa Foundation

La Fundación de Ecología del Fuego y Gestión de Incendios Pau Costa Alcubierre (PCF) tiene la ambición de ser una plataforma de información en gestión de los incendios forestales, a la vez que un instrumento de difusión e investigación en la ecología del fuego.

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