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We are pleased to share with you one of our most important projects of the Pau Costa Foundation within HORIZON 2020, HEIMDALL. We are in the middle of the first stage of this project, and we would like to introduce you to the ones we are dedicating ourselves and 13 more European partners. Without further ado, we are giving you all a warm welcome to HEIMDALL!:

This current project will be ongoing for three years and with this first newsletter we would like to give you a briefing about what it is and what the project consists of. The project will last until October 2020 and in between we will keep you updated about the partner meetings, the new incomes, and in general, about the steps that we are taking towards HEIMDALL, an ambicious project that was tailored to the needs of  practitioners and which we hope will respond to your needs.  Here we go!


What is HEIMDALL?  

It is a cooperative multi-hazard management tool which provides data exchange, scenario building and situation assessment functionalities for preparedness and response planning in relation to wildfires, floods and landslides.

What makes HEIMDALL so special?

Bearing in mind that climate change is amplifying natural disasters impacts, intensity and duration of extreme weather events in Europe and worldwide, we consider a need to build up a tool in order to foster knowledge and data exchange to cope with complex crisis situations which require participation, coordination and cooperation of multiple first-responder organizations and international aid.

What are HEIMDALL objectives?

Overall, Heimdall is focused on two main objectives:

  1. Improving immediate cooperative situation assessment and strategic response planning activities
  2. Improving long-term preparedness activities (e.g. strategies for DDR)

Do you want to learn more about HEIMDALL? Continue here


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