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The 19th of July Pau Costa Foundation (PCF) has started an exchange of experiences and knowledge with SDIS2B with the objective to contribute in provide data from an operational perspective that can be used to develop the models in GEO-SAFE.

SDIS2B is the Fire & Rescue Service of Haute Corse (see map), the North part of the Mediterranean island, with an area of 4.666 km² and several peaks rising above 2,000. The population if the region is 180,000 hab. in winter, but increases exponentially with the summer tourism. The settlements are usually located in coastal regions, a high proportion located in Wildland Urban Interfaces (WUI) (photo). Vegetation fires are frequent in the Haute Corse and also fires that affect WUIs. The worse fire season until 2017 was in 2003 where 20,957 Ha were consumed by wildfires.

Photo: Haute Corse. Source: Wikipedia

Representatives of SDIS2B, Commandant Patrick Botey and Commandant Marien Setti, received Jordi Vendrell and Núria Prat from Pau Costa Foundation at the SDIS2B premises (Furiani) close to Bastia city.

Together PCF and SDIS2B will work on collecting valuable information that can be used to develop the different tasks included in GEO-SAFE and also contribute to exchange experiences on fire management.

Olmeta di Tuda Wildfire (24-26/07/2017)

The Olmeta di Tuda Wildfire (Corsica, France) took place between the 24th and 26th of July of 2017. The fire consumed a total of 2,192 Ha partially in scrubland, forest and wildland urban interface affecting a total of 823 inhabitants. The operations deployed by the emergency services during the wildfire allowed reducing the proportion of population affected by the fire (Area of interest estimated to of 15,318 inhabitants). Evacuation of wildland urban interfaces and critical infrastructures was planned however it was not entirely deployed.

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Source: Pau Costa Foundation
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Source: Pau Costa Foundation

PCF was able to participate at the suppression operations, by exchanging experiences and lessons learnt and gather useful information from the incident commanders for the subsequent analysis of the fire event. Once the fire was stabilised, on Thursday 27th, an evaluation of the burnt area and the fire effects was done.

Study proposed and development

PCF together with SDIS2B will develop study to analyse the wildfire event that includes:

  • Detailed description of the fire behaviour, temporal and spatial.
  • Strategy and tactics followed during the event by the emergency services (firefighters, civil protection, medical services, police department) and forest services.
  • Lessons learnt from the wildfire and potential strategies, tactics and tools to be used in future management of emergency services.

Networking opportunities

PCF will explore opportunities to network with the Corsican partners in different projects:

  • Fire management analysis and exchange of experiences and lessons learnt
  • Strategies on Wildland Urban Interface fires
  • Awareness communication and education
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Source: Pau Costa Foundation
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Source: Pau Costa Foundation

Autor: Pau Costa Foundation

La Fundación de Ecología del Fuego y Gestión de Incendios Pau Costa Alcubierre (PCF) tiene la ambición de ser una plataforma de información en gestión de los incendios forestales, a la vez que un instrumento de difusión e investigación en la ecología del fuego.

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