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During the last months, some activities have been carried out under the DG ECHO project eFIREcom, Efficient fire risk communication for resilient communities. Among others, we have preared a book for children, a short video to understand fires from a children’s point of view, teaching programs for children youth and teachers and we have presented the eFIREcom project at an international conference. Here are some more details:

Book for children – ‘Flamey and Fierce Flame, from fire to forest fires. We also prevent wildfires with fire’

PORTADA_CONTEThe story narrates the relationship between forests and fire from a cultural and technical point of view and its evolution throughout the last decades. The story aims to prevent wildfires pointing at the risk of uncontrolled ignitions, but also introducing the use of fire as a tool to manage the Mediterranean forest. To facilitate the reading, the story has been complemented with a guide for adults and educators and a glossary defining the most complex concepts related to wildfires and also technical words.

The book has been already printed in Catalan, but it will soon be available in Spanish, English and French. Moreover, a new version of the book adapted to the Maghreb geographical and environmental context will be evaluated during the next months.

A number of activities have been carried out at schools where kids got the book. Such activities were based on the book’s content, for example: scholars performed a play in which the roles were based on the protagonists of the book; a workshop dedicated to introduce wildfire ecology and forest management concepts and a drawing competition for children in collaboration with local entities.

Book available in: French, Spanish, English (coming soon) and Catalan.

A short-video with the objective understanding wildfires through children

Three participatory short videos have IMG_5110been created in order to explain the current situation of wildfires in the Mediterranean area. Interviews to children were held before and after the workshop in order to evaluate their improvement on wildfire knowledge. Kids had to answer some questions as: ‘Which is the difference between fire and wildfire?’.

8-min video available in: Catalan, Spanish, English and French (coming soon)

3-min video available in: Catalan, English and French (coming soon)

Teaching Programmes for children, youth and teachers

In the frame of the eFIREcom project, teaching programs have been developed to be used as educational guides on the field of wildfires for children and youth. The content of these guides is based on fundamental information and technical concepts to help teachers and educators.

Guides available in: Catalan, English, French (coming soon), Spanish

Project presentation – ForestFire2016, Aix-en-Provence

The eFIREcom project and its preliminary results and outcomes were presented at the ‘International Conference on Forest Fires and WUI Fires’ in Aix-en-Provence on 25-27 May​.  A poster describing the eFIREcom project was presented by PCF and FORESPIR during ​the event.

Experts attending the conferences gave a positive feedback to the project and highlighted the importance of communication to prevent wildfires. It was also highlighted the relevance of communication during and after the forest fire emergency. Many speakers identified their concers regarding the wildfire risk communication, in particularly: (1) communities must learn how to live with wildfires, (2) modern societies want to live in the close to the forest, and that means living with fire and smoke.
Participants found that the results of the eFIREcom project will have a major impact on the society due to the current lack of communication tools dealing with forest fires. It was identified that tools are required especially ​for journalists and children.
During the event, PCF and FORESPIR could also exchange some communication experiences with Mrs. Ouahiba Meddour-Sahar, an Algerian expert on wildfires, in order to gather her feedback on the outcomes of the project.​

Autor: Pau Costa Foundation

La Fundación de Ecología del Fuego y Gestión de Incendios Pau Costa Alcubierre (PCF) tiene la ambición de ser una plataforma de información en gestión de los incendios forestales, a la vez que un instrumento de difusión e investigación en la ecología del fuego.

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