4th Session Course – Simulators for wildfire prevention


[ENG] On the last day an excursion to Les Gavarres (mountain massif) was made to settle the knowledge and validate the obtained results in the classroom, with some of their technician as ‘hosts’ and participants in the course. Four study zones were visited to observe various planned infrastructures in the Forest Fires Prevention Plan of the priority protection perimeter of Les Gavarres. This plan is found in an advanced execution stage (80% executed) and the pre-extinguishing planned works are:

  • Deceleration areas
  • Security zones for the extinguishing works
  • Pre-extinguishing structures
  • Strategic management points according to the fires types
  • Areas of low load fuel
  • Water points

During the visit, the site of each of these works its execution and maintenance could be observed. To understand these pre-extinguishing technical components works, the excursion was complemented with a visit to Vall-llobrega forest fire (15/03/2014), the intensity of the fire in the different zones of the fire and the effects on the vegetation.

First stop of the field trip.
First stop of the field trip.


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